How I removed my armpit hair permanently body hair removal

here are many ways you can get rid of underarm hair.I ve given list of methods which you can apply to remove the underarm hair.I would like you to give a try at the natural remedies.
Hair are the protein filaments. They grow from follicles found in the skin. Hair normally grows on the entire human body with an exception that their quantity varies cup on various body parts.
Visibility of hair increases during and after adolescence. Hair are beneficial at many places, as they cover the sensitive areas from external harms.
But, hair are found to be aesthetically disturbing, considered as the cause of friction, and give rise to bacteria, especially, hair around genital and armpit region.

As per body function, armpit hair or auxiliary hair usually begins to appear with the age of puberty. Removing the underarm hair is not only done according to aesthetics, but there are some religious beliefs, cultural beliefs, and is also a hygienic practice.
There are various methods adapted timely to remove the armpit hair.

Some Methods To Remove Armpit Hair:


Shaving the underarm hair is the simplest, common, and less painful technique.


Waxing is also one of the practices to remove armpit hair. It has a semi- permanent effect.


Tweezing is another practice but is more painful than shaving. However, tweezing gives more permanent effect.
Above mentioned were the standard and artificial techniques, which needs some investment. However, some natural remedies or home remedies, are also available to remove armpit hair.

The natural remedies include:

  • Use of turmeric paste
  • Honey lemon paste
  • Homemade sugar wax
  • Gelatin peel- off remover
  • Sugaring paste
    The area between the joint where the arm connects to the shoulder is referred as the armpit. It is known with a latin name “Axilla”.  It is also known with names, oxter, and underarm.
    Axila is provided with an axillary artery, vein, nerves and axillary lymph nodes. They are also provided with sweat-producing glands.
    The hair that is grown in the armpit region is called, axillary hair, or armpit hair. Informally, also referred as under-arm hair.
    It may essentially shade sweat or moisture away from the skin, supporting ventilation. It is the main cause of the body odor, happens frequently in the axillary region.
    The underarm region considered more important than the genital region in terms of the body odor. Axillary hair in men is dense than in women.

    How removal of armpit hair helps in reducing bacteria build up? Why is it clinically important?

    Grown armpit hair encourages more sweat production via axillary gland. It enhances more bacterial activity on sweat, thus results in stronger odors. But, less crowded armpits are less prone to sweats and hence reduce bacteria.
    Armpit hair if not removed, can result in few ailments, like:
    Axillary intertrigo: The condition of skin inflammation caused due to moisture, heat, and friction is referred as intertrigo. Crowded armpits are more prone to sweats, thus, remain moist and give niche to the growth of pathogenic bacteria, yeasts, and fungi.
    Due to friction among hair, it remains heated as well. This is the main cause of the excessive perspiration that results in axillary intertrigo. The situation can cause rashes; chronic itching and can cause the burning sensation.
    Breast cancer via lymphogenic spread: Breast cancer mainly spreads via lymphatic vessels to the lymph nodes found in the armpit region.

    Artificial methods for removal of armpit hair: 

    Axillary hair grows in both males and females. However, it is a common act for females to remove the armpit hair, men do it usually if they are athletes or in modeling. Armpit is the more sensitive region, so one should choose the adequate technique of hair removal. Here, are the listed methods.

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