0:03 / 0:39 How to make okra water for diabetics

Preparing okra water is an easy step by step process:
  1. Wash 4 or 5 medium-sized okra pods.
  2. Clip both ends off the pods, then split the pods in half or pierce each side of the pods with a knife.
  3. Place the pods in a large mason jar, then cover them with water.
  4. Soak the pods overnight, at least eight hours (up to 24 hours).
  5. In the morning, squeeze the pods into the water to release any leftover sap.
  6. Throw the pods away and drink the water.

What To Do When Fresh Okra Isn’t Available

Because okra is a seasonal vegetable, it may not be available or affordable year round. While most of the research on okra’s anti-diabetic properties focus on fresh okra, you can also try using freeze-dried or canned okra to create okra water. Combining okra water with other methods of treating or preventing diabetes may give you better overall results.

Safety Concerns

It is important to note that while okra water may be right for you if you are managing your diabetes through diet and exercise, it isn’t always safe to consume if you’re also taking specific diabetes drugs.
Metaformin in particular can interact unfavorably with okra – okra water may interfere with the drug’s ability to affect your blood sugar levels, causing your levels to rise instead of fall. Always be sure to consult with your doctor before starting any new treatment, especially if you’re on specific medications already.
Okra water also isn’t a cure-all; there’s no substitute for a healthy diet and plenty of exercise, after all! While okra water may be able to help lower blood sugar levels, drinking it doesn’t give you a free pass to consume sugary and processed foods in abundance.
Be aware of what you’re eating and manage your diet according to your body’s needs and you’ll be surprised how great you feel!

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