Home Remedies For Dry Eyes

If pollution, stress, age and even your contact lens wear begin to sting and your eyes redden and feel sandy, you may suffer from dry eyes or “dry eye syndrome.” A common cause is blocked oil glands, which causes the watery constituent of tears to evaporate too quickly.

There are several ways to find relief. A short-term solution is to lubricate your eyes with artificial tears. But if you find you’re using them more than four times a day, see your eye doctor. Alternatively, try placing a warm, wet washcloth over your eyelids for up to 10 minutes at night to liquefy the blocked oil ducts and restore your tears’ lubricating qualities.

Blepharitis is a dandruff-like inflammation of the eyelash follicles that is caused by a clogging of the oil glands . Night-time eyewashes that dissolve the blocks and wash away irritants are often the answer.

And consider eating foods with a high level of omega-3s — an anti-inflammatory agent — and flaxseed oil to produce more tears and experience less dry-eye irritation . So adding fatty fish such as salmon to your diet or supplementing with fish oil and flaxseed may be your solution to dry eyes.

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