Take it from a curly-haired girl: straightening thick hair to look "flowy" and light is not as simple as it seems. Those who keep their thick tresses looking beautiful and straight must undergo a long process of drying and styling before it can look the way it does when they head out the door. Thick hair requires time and patience, especially when your desired look is a perfect pin-straight do. To top it off, thick hair usually means it's heavy, which can weigh down the style that took forever to achieve. In order to deal with this issue, some have opted to "thin out" their hair and add some layers, making it less heavy and easier to work with. However, even with these features, it can still be a difficult to straighten and style as desired.
In order to find the best tips for straightening thick hair, I decided to reach out to reach out to expert Niccola Bowen, a professional hair stylist based in the UK. Having dealt with many types of hair (both cutting and styling), she quickly gave me some key points that can cut down on time and leave your hair looking as straight as you had hoped for!

HOW DO I STRAIGHTEN MY HAIR HOW DO I STRAIGHTEN MY HAIR Reviewed by Unknown on October 14, 2016 Rating: 5

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