If you’ve only just got over the vajazzle, prepare to get used to a new beauty trend – the ‘vagacial’.
It’s a vagina facial – yes, they’ve simply created a new word by nattily joining two old words together.
What’s not quite so straightforward is why they’ve created it, and why the invention of the vajazzle – gluing crystals to your lady parts – wasn’t a step too far down the road of intimate beauty treatments.

‘The vagina of a 25 year old’
According to vagacial pioneer Lisa Palmer, the logic behind the procedure – which involves some steaming and applying some vitamins and egg white to the intimate area - is to give women “the vagina of a 25 year old”.
The dating expert has explained that after a divorce, she started dating younger men, and used to pay attention to what her face looked like - little realising that other parts also needed preening.
“We tend to forget our nether regions, thinking a Brazilian wax is enough,” she said. “But when I was dating my first younger man I looked downstairs to realise it was a bit wrinkly and dry compared to when I was younger.”
It’ll combat dryness
Lisa did some research into DIY vaginal treatments from the Far East, and had her big vajacial epiphany.
It’s an epiphany which could be heading your way too, thanks to her claims the process will combat vaginal dryness, tightness and elasticity, all of which occur with ageing.
The treatment is now set to enter the mainstream thanks to a ‘live’ vajacial on ITV’s This Morning, where she demonstrated the treatment on three volunteers, including 74-year-old Abigail, and because we Brits generally love any new trend.
Everyone’s a trendsetter
“We are constantly seeing new treatments come to our shores here in Britain; everyone’s keen to be a trendsetter and introduce the next best beauty secret to the UK market and the consumer always loves something new and intriguing to try out!” said Colin Webster of the British Association of Beauty Therapists and Cosmetologists (Babtac).
“Vaginal steaming is certainly a trend we’ve heard more and more about recently, as many beauty therapists have been catching on, and we expect this trend to keep growing.
“It’s not really all that surprising, though it may seem strange at first; we have already seen grooming extend ‘down south’ over the last couple of decades, with the Hollywood wax now completely normal and vajazzle kits available in everyday high street shops.”
Is there any real benefit?
But is there any point to it all? Sort of…
“We Brits don’t have the same lifestyles as those who traditionally undergo vaginal steaming treatments; we don’t spend hours walking, for example, and have far better hygiene facilities,” Webster points out.
“Having said that, if the market moves in this direction and the treatments make women feel empowered and confident, then there’s no harm in it.
“We urge British people seeking out these treatments to make sure they only allow a qualified and insured professional anywhere near them, especially when it comes to the nether regions or more invasive treatments!”
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