Reversing Type 2 Diabetes - Bitter Melon

Help with type 2 diabetes.
How to reverse diabetes? Can you?
Maybe bitter melon can help stabilize things?
Living a low carb lifestyle (high fat) and exercise

Since about 1990 I have been drinking alcohol. In 2010 the drinking had progressed to almost a jug of rum (one of those handle sizes - 1.75 liters) each night! I quit in July of 2010 because I felt something was wrong with me. My left leg / ankle was swollen, I lost a ton of weight and the desire to eat had diminished. In August, I couldn’t breathe. I thought I had ammonia. I went to the hospital and it turned out I was on my death bed from liver failure. My lungs were filled with fluid. It took this event to finally make me stop drinking after many, many years of trying.

In the process of all this, my sugar was out of control. The past few years my sugars were running in the high 200’s to mid-300’s. I was eating whatever I wanted and because of the liver problems, I wasn’t really gaining weight. It’s hard to even build muscle in my situation because I can’t seem to hold my protein.

January 2016 my fasting sugar was 313 and my 3-month sugar level (A1C) was 10.7. I decided to turn this around with diet and exercise. So, from January to April I cut out all flour and sugar products and joined the gym. I also stopped drinking Coke Zero. I was drinking way too much of it. It was an addiction and I knew that it must be harmful for me because I craved it so much.
Basically, I do

1. Strenuous cardio for 30 minutes (3 miles a day at 180 steps a minute).
2. Weight train a different body part every day.
3. Avoid bread, pasta, rice and sugar.
4. Drink a special protein drink in the morning
5. Include more vegetables, nuts and seeds in my diet

So, in a nutshell - Stop eating the shit that spikes your blood sugar and get the heart pumping for an hour a day!
My morning shake consists of bitter melon, spinach, kale, cinnamon and weigh protein.

I try not to eat bread, rice, pasta, potatoes, candy, cake, fruit and limit the artificial sweeteners. I try to hit the gym 5 or 6 days a week and on the weekends I’ll lighten up a bit on the food restrictions. However, I still won’t eat blatant sugar candy.

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