Unless you’re a morning person bestowed with the gift of waking up gracefully and unperturbed, chances are high your a.m. routine may be more of the rushed variety. What’s the harm in just a few more glorious moments of slumber, after all? Well, for one, the state of your hair, which is usually a dead giveaway of a hurried, harried morning. Though model-off-duty strands are having a moment right now, there’s a fine line between artfully tousled and tousled by your pillow; luckily, you don’t have to sacrifice finesse next time you press snooze (for the third time). Ahead, you’ll find seven simple and chic hairstyles that will take three minutes or less to execute—leaving more time for your dreams of being part of T.Swift’s #supersquad. Keep scrolling to see them all! 

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