5 Ways to Grow Your Nails FAST!

Keep Them Painted
Sure, conventional wisdom would tell you that the chemicals in polish (and, more importantly, remover) strip you of nutrients. But think about all the times you’ve had splits and tears on naked nails (not to mention the temptation to nibble on them)

Or Spring for Gels
Want a foolproof way to grow your nails immediately? Gels, baby. The look will stay chip-free for about four weeks, while you add a quarter of an inch to your tips. Our advice: Opt for a soft neutral that won’t look obvious as it extends from your cuticles.

Be Gentle with Polish Removal
If you have on a regular color, look for a vitamin-infused remover that fortifies your nails in the process. If you’re going back to the salon for gel removal, make sure they let you soak long enough to softly lift the polish. (No one should ever put in elbow grease with one of those wooden scrapers.) Or order an at-home steam remover.

Buff Off Ridges Between Manis
When your nails are naked, give them a light filing. (Not to take off length, but to keep splits at bay.) Also run the smoother side of your file across the tops of your nails. It’ll remove unsightly vertical ridges, increase blood flow and help promote further growth.

Take a Daily Biotin Supplement
While there’s not a ton of scientific evidence for the efficiency of biotin, we can anecdotally attest that it works like a charm. (One of our editors used Hair La Vie following chemo, and her hair and nails grew like weeds—immediately.) Supplements equal strength.

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